Local Artist in the
Chautauqua & Jamestown, NY Areas!

I am the great-grandniece to Edward Willis Redfield, a new hope impressionist and a third-generation maternal line painter. My husband and I reside in Jamestown, NY.

Presently, nature plays a vital role in my creative expression. The art I create from nature’s inspiration becomes part of my identity as an artist. Whilst living in eastern cities, I painted a series of abstract figuratives. The dreams of my life compelled me to do some, fulfilling a prophecy which I had within myself. My plein air to studio paintings are from my travels to New Zealand, Lake Tahoe, Mexico, and Wyoming. I want my work to be intriguing to the viewer. Composing this series was like solving a puzzle; the pieces will tell me where they belong.

I can't help but acknowledge the beauty of our surroundings and landscapes with nature as my model. With beauty, there's a sense of peacefulness. It enables us to feel at home.

Observing the everyday is my greatest influence, my environment, and everything else that filters through. I am always chasing beauty. I focus on quiet moments that only those closest might see. When I am able to free myself in the process of thinking and making, then I know I’m on the right track. Sometimes your own creation is just a blur of movement and color and other times it’s measured out. My biggest reward is the short personal moment in my studio or outdoors when I get a new piece finished that I can breathe a sigh of relief; it’s just me and the art for a very small moment.

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I have a large inventory of work detailing pastel nudes, plein air landscapes, and oceanscapes. I work on several pieces at once and edit them into completion. Until they leave the gallery or my studio they are under my selective and discernible eye. I get great satisfaction when I complete a piece that challenges me, and those moments when I can fortunate enough to witness someone make a connection with my work either in a gallery or an open studio tour. To me, there is no real separation between how we live , who we are and what we do. It's all one big thing that works together to make us whole. 

 We can discover the bloom of life when we stop to enjoy its flower. 

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